Healthcare providers require the common insurance policies that are needed by most businesses including General Liability, Workers Compensation, Property, Employer Practices Liability insurance. Many times Professional Liability such as Medical Malpractice coverage is also required for both Physicians and Medical Facilities alike. Medical Facilities also have unique Property Insurance exposures that are often better insured under an Inland Marine Insurance policy, which includes broader coverage extensions that address specialized perils including breakdown and loss of use.

Another area of major concern to healthcare providers is their ability to protect patient information from both unknown internal threats as well as data breaches from outside sources. In today's world, it's not question of if, but when a data breach will occur. Due to the sensitive nature of patient information being collected and stored, and HIPAA laws, and the fact that more and more companies are being hacked for their data, Cyber Liability coverage is highly recommended. This coverage is triggered by a data breach and can pay for restoration of the data and any liability claims associated with the breach. Our team of specialized Cyber Liability Underwriters can help design a comprehensive risk management program that mitigates cyber threats and is ready to respond quickly if and when one occurs.

In today's insurance market, more healthcare providers and facilities are utilizing self insurance options such as Captive Insurance Companies. We have extensive experience with these markets and can help evaluate if a Captive makes sense and if so, design, and implement a sound Captive Solution.

We also partner with a group of insurers that offer significant dividend programs for their Worker's Compensation.