Tow Trucks

Tow trucks, Auto Transporters and Auto Repair Garages are unique in that they all deal with non-owned automobiles. Tow trucks perform a variety of services mostly on an emergency basis. They are usually on some type of rotation with a county authority and/or various motor clubs. All of these vendors require certain minimum limits of coverage to cover Towing operations, Roadside  Assistance, Repossession or Private Impound and Vehicle Storage.  Along with the required Auto Liability to cover the Tow Truck, Garage Keepers Legal Liability and On-hook Coverage are provided to cover customers car while in the care, custody and control of the towing operator. Auto Repossessors Programs include coverage for Wrongful Repossession.

Gulf Coast Underwriters


Auto transporters typically work more of a schedule and move cars from point to point. They need all of the above coverages with the possible exception of Garage Keepers coverage if they are not storing vehicles.

Auto repair facilities will require Garage Liability to cover their Products and Completed Operations as well as Garage Keepers Legal Lability coverage for customer cars. They may also need an Equipment Floater to cover their tools.

Gulf Coast Underwriters represents a robust collection of national programs for the Towing, Repossession and Auto Transport Industry and can expedite ICC and FMSCA filings and certificates of liability to keep you on the road. Our agents and staff have over 100 years combined experience in this field and we belong to the major trade associations including the PWOF, Professional Wrecker Operators of Florida.